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Scrip is an Easy Way to Support Your Church

What is “scrip”? The dictionary says that it is a certificate whose value is recognized by the payer and payee, a substitute for currency, or private currency.The most common form of scrip these days is the gift certificate or gift card.

Scrip is a simple way for our church to earn money WITHOUT taking an extra cent out of your pocket! The only requirement is that you plan ahead to buy goods (like groceries) that you normally purchase anyway.

How does it work? It is like gift cards, which you have probably used. You buy a card for a fixed amount (e.g. $25) for a particular store, then use it to buy that same amount of merchandise at that store. How does the church make money? “Scrip” stores generously sell the gift cards to us at a discount (often 5%). Thus, the church earns a percentage on every dollar you would spend anyway at that store. The catch is to form new habits! Buy cards worth cash through our church scrip program BEFORE shopping, instead of using your normal payment method at the store. Stores benefit by getting guaranteed, loyal customers.

Do you shop at Baker’s or Kwik Shop (both owned by Krogers)? This is our first “scrip” experiment.

Bakers Logo

Come to the “scrip” table in the Common Room to purchase cards for Bakers/Kwik Shop. You can also order cards in specific amounts to pick-up on Sunday by sending email to by Wednesday of each week or use the web form below. Please give our new “scrip” program a try!

Order your Bakers Cards by Wednesday for pickup on Sunday...

Complete the information below to let us know what Bakers cards we need to have available for you on Sunday.

Your Name:
Your Email Address
Your Phone Number
How much scrip do you wish to purchase?

    Payment required at time of pickup.
    Multiples of $25 please.

Additional Comments:


When you are finished please click ==>   Thank you for your order. If you order by Wednesday, your cards will be ready on Sunday.

Updated mar 3, 2011 wfr

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